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Toilet Paper Roll Cactus

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Completed Toilet Paper Roll Cactus Craft on display with flowers.

Get ready to embark on a spiky adventure with our latest craft project – the DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cactus! Transform humble cardboard rolls into adorable, prickly cacti with this simple and entertaining craft suitable for kids of all ages. Not only is it a fantastic way to repurpose materials, but it also sparks creativity and provides hours of crafting fun.

Using recycled items, like toilet paper rolls, for crafting holds a special place in our creative hearts for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it promotes environmental consciousness by repurposing materials that might otherwise end up in landfills. This eco-friendly approach teaches kids the importance of sustainability and reducing waste, instilling valuable lessons about resourcefulness.

Completed Toilet Paper Roll Cactus Craft  on dispaly.

Moreover, crafting with recycled items sparks innovation, challenging us to reimagine and transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. It fosters a sense of creativity, encouraging children to think outside the box and find beauty in unexpected places. Some of my favorite creations such as the Toilet Paper Roll Bumble Bee or the Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly hold a special place in my heart.

Lastly, repurposing materials like toilet paper rolls is a budget-friendly alternative, making arts and crafts accessible to a broader audience. So, whether we're turning empty rolls into playful characters such as our Toilet Paper Roll Vampire or transforming them into desert flora, the joy of crafting with recycled items lies in the blend of creativity, sustainability, and affordability.

Let's dive into the step-by-step guide and cultivate a desert garden of toilet paper roll cacti together!

Completed Toilet Paper Roll Cactus Craft on display with flowers.

Materials Needed:

Empty toilet paper rolls

Green paint (I recommend a pastel or sea green)


Construction paper (pink, purple & yellow)



Markers (Dark Green & Black)

How To Make Toilet Paper Roll Cactus

Step 1: Create Cactus Arms

Create the Cactus Arms Once by taking one of the toilet paper rolls and flattening it down. Draw the arms onto the toilet paper roll with a pencil. Cut out the cactus arms. Fold the bottom tips and glue it to opposite sides of the toilet paper roll. Let glue dry before moving onto the next step.

Pro Tip: Vary the length and thickness of the arms to add a playful touch to your toilet paper roll cacti. Glue them at different heights.

How to paint Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.

Step 2: Paint

With your toilet paper roll cactus structure ready, it's time to infuse it with vibrant color. Opt for a pastel green or a soothing sea green paint to bring your cactus to life. Let your little ones embrace their artistic side as they carefully paint the entire cactus. For added fun, consider experimenting with different shades of green to create a playful and dynamic effect.

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly, and if necessary, apply a second coat for a more polished finish. This painting step not only enhances the visual appeal of the craft but also provides an engaging opportunity for kids to explore various hues and express their creativity.

Ensure the painted cactus is completely dry before moving on to the next exciting phase of the crafting adventure.

Example of how to draw eyes for Toilet Paper Roll Cactus

Step 3: Draw Eyes

Use a black marker to add eyes to your cactus. Begin by drawing a large circle for each eye. Then, within each large circle, draw a smaller circle in the top left corner and another smaller circle in the bottom right corner. Next, fill in the larger circle with the black marker, leaving the smaller circles untouched to create the eyes.

Example of how to draw mouth for Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.

Step 4: Draw Mouth

Using the same black marker draw the letter "U" below the eyes. This will give the cactus a smile.

Example of how to draw lines on Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.

Step 5: Draw Lines

Take the dark green marker and draw vertical lines across the body of the cactus. Add a few lines on the arms, following the natural flow of their shape. This step adds texture and detail to mimic the appearance of a real cactus.

How to draw spines on Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.

Step 5: Draw Spines

The pointy things on a cactus are called spines and we now need to draw them on the cactus. Do this by drawing short lines coming off the vertical lines like shown in the photo.

Why Do Cactus Plants Have Spines?

Spines on a cactus are really sharp and they hurt if you touch them! But why do these plants need to have spines? Imagine them as the cactus's way of saying, "Hold on, I need my space!" Spines help protect the cactus from animals who might want to nibble on it or curious people like us who might touch it. They're like the cactus's superhero armor, keeping it safe in the desert. So, just like you wouldn't want anyone messing with your favorite toys, the cactus doesn't want anyone messing with it, and those spines are there to make sure of it! Cool, right?

Optional Step: Add A Flower

This cactus may be tough with it's spines, but its got a soft and pretty side too! You can bring out the pretty side by adding a flower to the cactus.

Start by drawing a flower shape onto a pink or purple piece of paper. Draw a small circle on a yellow piece of paper. Cut out the shapes. Glue the yellow circle on top of the pink flower. Then glue the flower to the top of the cactus.

This is a fun way to make your cactus unique and show off your creative style. The colorful flower is like the cactus's way of saying, "I'm blooming with happiness!"

Completed Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.

Voila! Your DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cactus is complete. This craft not only provides an opportunity for eco-friendly creativity but also encourages imaginative play. Display the finished cacti proudly or use them as unique decorations for a themed celebration.

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Completed Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.

Completed Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.

Completed Toilet Paper Roll Cactus.


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