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TP Roll Count Dracula

All art projects & crafts require adult supervision. This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy.

My kids know that we never throw away toilet paper rolls in our home because we love using them for arts and crafts. Art supplies can add up and that is why I absolutely love crafting with toilet paper rolls. Using empty toilet paper rolls turns trash into art and it's free! Kids love the creativity of seeing an everyday object and turning it into something else.

The first step is to paint the top of the toilet paper a light purple color.

Draw a "M" over the top of the purple on the toilet paper roll.

Paint the outside of the "M" black.

Paint below the purple line black. After the black paint dries, you can add buttons to the vampire's body. Take the back of your paint brush. Dip it in light purple paint and put three dots of paint going down the front of the vampire.

After the coffee filters have been colored, place them on a plastic grocery bag or an old cookie sheet and then spray them with water from a spray bottle. The water will make the colors bleed. Make sure you use just enough water to get the entire filter wet but avoid drenching it. Allow the coffee filter to completely dry.

Tip: Transfer the wet coffee filters onto a wire rack or a dry paper towel. Removing them from the wet surface onto a dry one will help the coffee filters dry faster.

Fold the dry coffee filter in half three times. Using scissors cut a scallop edge. Depending on your child's age, you might need to help them with this part.

Unfold the filter so that is just has one fold. It should look like this.

Glue the coffee filter to the back and sides of the toilet paper roll.

Put a little bit of glue on the side of the coffee filter and fold the sides back.

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