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Love Bug Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

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Valentine's Day Love Bug Craft For Kids

Let's get creative and recycle those empty toilet paper rolls into adorable Love Bugs with this adorable craft project for kids. Transforming simple materials into charming critters, this activity promises not only a fun crafting experience but also an opportunity to teach children about upcycling. Get ready for a buzz of excitement as your little ones dive into this Love Bug adventure!

Using toilet paper rolls for kids' crafts is not only an eco-friendly and sustainable choice but also a wonderfully creative and budget-friendly option. These humble cardboard cylinders, otherwise destined for the recycling bin, transform into a wide variety of imaginative projects, such as cute Butterflies or my favorite, Bumble Bees.

Completed Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids on display.

The versatility of toilet paper rolls allows kids to explore their creativity, turning them into anything from scary Vampires to adorable Love Bugs. This repurposing not only teaches the importance of upcycling and reducing waste but also sparks the joy of transforming everyday items into works of art. It's a fantastic way to engage kids in crafting, fostering their creativity, resourcefulness, and an appreciation for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

How To Make

Love Bug Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

Examples of Multiple Love Bugs On Display

Materials Needed:

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Colored Construction Paper

Googly Eyes

Pipe Cleaners

Markers or Crayons



Example of girl cutting paper towel tube to smaller sizes.

Prepare the Toilet Paper Rolls:

Gather empty toilet paper rolls and make sure they are clean and and all of the toilet paper is removed. If you don't have toilet paper rolls, cut a piece of cardboard into a cylindrical shape to use as the bug's body.

Optional Step: Trim TP Rolls

To add more personality to the love bugs, I also decided to trim the toilet paper rolls so that the bugs would be different sizes. This helps make each bug unique.

Example of how to paint toilet paper roll tubes different colors.

Paint in Vibrant Colors:

Encourage creativity by painting the toilet paper rolls with bright colors. Let your kids choose their favorite hues to bring the Love Bugs to life. Because this is a Valentine's Day craft, I chose to use pink, purple, red and blue. Because the toilet paper roll tubes are made of cardboard, it will absorb the paint. To get the vibrant colors, I had to do 2-3 coats of paint letting it dry between layers.

Example of girl cutting out hearts for TP Roll Love Bug Crafts.

Cutout Several Hearts of Different Sizes: 

While the paint dries, cut out several hearts. I cut out four different sizes of hearts. Then, I used the hearts as templates and traced around them on a piece of paper using a pencil. Afterward, I cut out those hearts. This made it so I could have multiple hearts of the same size.

Example of girl gluing heart for the stomach on the love bug craft.

Glue Heart On Stomach: 

Using one of the hearts that you cutout, glue it to the bottom half of the painted toilet paper tube. This will serve as the bug's stomach.

Example of girl gluing googly eyes to Love Bug.

Add Googly Eyes:

Glue googly eyes onto the front of each toilet paper roll. Experiment with different eye sizes and positions to give each Love Bug a unique personality.

Example of girl drawing a mouth onto the love bug below the eyes.

Draw Smiles and Expressions: 

Use markers or crayons to draw smiles, rosy cheeks, or any other expressions your kids fancy. Let their imaginations run wild as they personalize each Love Bug.

Glue Wings: 

For this love bug, I glued a smaller heart onto a larger heart. Doubling up the heart gave the wing more character. Repeat this step so you have two identical wings. Then, glue both wings to the back of the toilet paper roll tube on opposite sides.

How to fold pipe cleaner in half.

Make The Antennas: 

Take a pipe cleaner and fold it in half.

How to twist pipe cleaner around a marker to create a coil.

Then, wrap each half around a marker. This will make the antennae coil up and look extra cute.

Example of where to glue the pipe cleaner antenna to the love bug.

Glue the pipe cleaner antenna to the inside of the toilet paper roll at the top. Add small hearts cut out of the paper to the top of each antenna.

Display or Gift: Once the Love Bugs are complete, let them dry thoroughly. Display these cute critters around the house or consider gifting them to friends and family as a heartwarming gesture.

Example of six unique love bugs.

Now that you've mastered the essentials of crafting these adorable love bugs, it's time to let your creativity soar. Experiment with various features to create unique variations – switch up googly eye sizes, consider attaching eyes to the antennas, or play with different wing sizes and paper patterns. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination! Get ready to craft an array of personalized love bugs that showcase your artistic flair.

This Love Bug Craft offers a perfect blend of eco-friendly crafting and imaginative play. Engage your kids in this hands-on activity, fostering creativity, fine motor skills, and an appreciation for turning everyday items into works of art. Watch as their Love Bugs come to life, spreading joy and love wherever they go!

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