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DIY Heart Wands Craft For Kids

All art projects & crafts require adult supervision. This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy.

Completed DIY Heart Wands

Don't leave it up to Cupid, cast your own love spell this Valentine's Day with these DIY Heart Wands Craft for Kids. This project not only sparks creativity but also gives little ones a fun toy to play with. Perfect for playdates, school parties, or just a rainy day indoors, these heart wands are easy to make and bring a touch of enchantment to your child's day.

As we gear up for the day of love, it's always exciting to look back on the enchanting crafts we've conjured up in the past. From adorable heart-shaped yarn art pieces to whimsical Love Robot Paper Bag Puppets, each project has added a sprinkle of magic to our Valentine's Day celebrations. It's amazing how a little creativity can make this special day even more memorable!

Completed Heart Wands Craft for Kids Example

But why do we celebrate Valentine's Day in the first place? Well, the tale of Valentine's Day traces back to ancient Rome, where a festival called Lupercalia was celebrated in mid-February. It was a time to honor the god of fertility and marked the beginning of spring. Over time, this festival transformed into a celebration of love and affection.

Completed DIY Heart Wands On Display.

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden dowel craft sticks

  • Tape or Hot Glue

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon (various colors and width)

  • Heart Wands Template (Free To Download)

  • White Cardstock Paper

  • Markers, Crayons or Colored Pencils

Step-by-Step Guide To Make DIY Heart Wands Craft For Kids

Directions on how to print the template.

Step 1: Download and Print DIY Heart Wands Template

To begin your project you need to download and print our DIY Heart Wands template. Directions to download your FREE copy is found at the bottom of the post. I recommend printing the template on 8.5x11 white cardstock paper.

Example of coloring the DIY Heart Wands template.

Step 2: Color

Ignite the artistic spirit within as you reach for markers, colored pencils, or crayons to bring the Heart Wands Template to life. Encourage the kids to unleash their creativity and explore a vibrant spectrum of hues. Let the magic of imagination transform these wands into personalized masterpieces!

Example of girl cutting out each heart circle.

Step 3: Cut Out Heart Circles

Use scissors to cut out heart shapes. These will be the main elements of your wand.

Example of taping the dowel to the back of the heart.

Step 4: Attach Hearts to Dowels

Once the hearts are beautifully decorated and dry, use tape or hot glue to attach them to the top of the wooden dowels. Ensure a secure bond, allowing the wands to withstand playful gestures.

Warning: If you choose to use hot glue, and adult has to be the one completing this step. Hot glue is dangerous for children.

Example of how to tie the ribbon to the DIY Heart Wand

Step 5: Add Ribbon

The ribbon adds an extra element to the wands making them stand out. The key is using several different colors, shapes and widths of ribbon. Cut ribbons into approximately 20-inch lengths and tie them into knots around the wooden dowel. These wands will now flutter and dance as the wand is waved, adding an extra element of charm.

Completed DIY Heart Wands Craft For Kids

With the DIY Heart Wands Craft for Kids, you've just created a magical accessory that will inspire imaginative play and endless joy. Watch as your little ones twirl their enchanting wands, casting spells of creativity and spreading smiles. Get ready for a world of make-believe with this simple craft that celebrates the magic of Valentine's Day.

Example of how to download DIY Heart Wands Template

How To Download DIY Heart Wands Template:

Before you can begin you need to download the Valentine's Day Heart Wands Template. This download is available to all members for FREE! You heard me correctly, memberships are free to join for everyone who is 18 years an older! Click on the link to signup and to find the Template. You choose which one you want to download and print.

***These printables are intended for personal and school use exclusively. Unauthorized copying, uploading, republishing, distributing or alteration of these files in any manner is strictly prohibited. If you plan to showcase these printables, please ensure to include a link back to

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