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Woven Paper Heart Basket

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Completed Woven Paper Heart Basket

The inspiration from this project comes from my mom. She taught 4th grade for several years and use to make these Woven Paper Heart Baskets with her students during the month of February. Given the intricate weaving involved, this project is ideal for children ages 8 and older.

Example of how to print Woven Paper Heart Basket template.

Step 1: Download and Print Woven Paper Heart Template

To begin your project you need to download and print our DIY Heart Wands template. Directions to download your FREE copy is found at the bottom of the post. I recommend printing the template on 8.5x11 paper.

Unleash your creativity by experimenting with various colors and patterns for your Woven Paper Heart Basket. I personally had some vibrant scrapbooking paper tucked away, and it turned out to be the perfect choice for this project. Since the scrapbooking paper originally measured 12x12 inches, I simply trimmed it down to 8.5x11 inches and printed the template directly onto the scrapbooking paper using my home printer. This not only added a personalized touch to the baskets but also allowed me to repurpose materials I already had on hand.

Step 2: Fold

Fold the paper in half on the dotted line. To insure precise folds you may want to score the dotted line before you fold. I used a toothpick and a ruler.

How To Score Lines

  1. Place Your Ruler: Lay your ruler along the line where you want to create the score. Make sure it's positioned precisely where you want the fold to be.

  2. Line up the Toothpick: Take your toothpick and place it along the ruler's edge, exactly on the line you want to score. It should be parallel to the ruler.

  3. Apply Light Pressure: Press down gently with the toothpick while keeping it aligned with the ruler. The goal here is to make a shallow indentation or crease along the line, rather than cutting through the paper.

  4. Repeat if Necessary: Depending on the thickness of your paper or cardstock, you may need to go over the same line a few times with the toothpick to ensure a clean score. Apply a bit more pressure if needed, but be careful not to tear the paper.

Once you've scored the line, remove the ruler and toothpick. You should see a faint crease where you scored. The paper will be easy to fold at that time.

example of how to cut Woven Paper Heart Basket template.

Step 3: Cut Out the Pattern

Take your scissors and carefully cut out the pattern along the marked lines. Additionally, make three slits up the center of the pattern following the lines. Ensure that your cuts extend all the way to the end, or slightly past it, to allow enough room for weaving all the strips together seamlessly. This step is crucial for creating the foundation of your woven masterpiece.

Step 4: Weave

This step can be a little bit tricky, so take a moment to carefully read through the instructions and refer to the accompanying illustration.

How to hold Woven Paper Heart Basket before weaving.

In the example I am using a floral and solid piece of paper. Feel free to use whatever paper you have. Begin by holding the folded floral piece of paper in one hand and the solid piece of paper one in your other hand.

Example of how to weave Woven Paper Heart Basket togehter.

Initiate the weaving process by passing the first loop of the floral piece of paper inside the corresponding loop of the solid piece of paper.

Example of how to weave Woven Paper Heart Basket togehter.

Continue the weave by placing the solid piece of paper inside the floral piece of paper.

Example of how to weave Woven Paper Heart Basket together.

Slide the floral piece of paper through the solid piece of paper.

Example of how to weave Woven Paper Heart Basket together.

Finish up the first loop by sliding the solid piece of paper through the floral piece of paper.

Example of how to weave Woven Paper Heart Basket together.

Complete the Weaving: For the second loop of the floral piece of paper, weave it over the first loop of the solid piece of paper, inside the second solid loop, over the third, and inside the fourth. Follow a similar pattern for the third and fourth white loops. Once completed, the basket will resemble the illustration, and you'll be able to open the heart basket.

Step 5: Glue Handle

The heart paper basket is not complete without a handle. Take the rectangle piece of paper and glue the two ends to the top of the basket as shown above.

Completed woven paper heart basket.

Congratulations, your Woven Paper Heart Basket is now complete! This charming creation is not only a delightful piece of Valentine's Day décor but also serves as a functional container. Fill it up with sweet treats, candies, or any other special Valentine's goodies to make a heartfelt gift or a festive addition to your celebrations. Share the love by gifting this handmade basket to someone special or use it as a lovely centerpiece for your Valentine's Day festivities.

How to download the woven paper heart basket template.

How To Download DIY Heart Wands Template:

Before you can begin you need to download the Valentine's Day Heart Wands Template. This download is available to all members for FREE! You heard me correctly, memberships are free to join for everyone who is 18 years an older! Click on the link to signup and to find the Template. You choose which one you want to download and print.

***These printables are intended for personal and school use exclusively. Unauthorized copying, uploading, republishing, distributing or alteration of these files in any manner is strictly prohibited. If you plan to showcase these printables, please ensure to include a link back to

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