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Coffee Filter Butterflies

All art projects & crafts require adult supervision. This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy.

We go through a lot of coffee filters in my house and we don't even drink coffee! In fact, I have never even owned a coffee maker. So why do we use so many coffee filters if we don't drink coffee? Crafts! Coffee filters make for fun activities for any artistic kid. Be sure to check out all of the coffee filter crafts on my the blog.

These adorable Coffee Filter Butterflies are the perfect summer craft to do with your kids. Not only does this tutorial include step by step directions with photos but there is also a video you can watch. Keep on reading to download your FREE butterfly body printable.

Grab two coffee filters and stack them on top of each other. Flatten out the coffee filters and place on top of a piece of paper.

While the coffee filters are stacked, color the top filter with WASHABLE markers. Get creative and color different patterns and experiment with different colors. For Butterfly Wings I like using bright summer colors and avoid using the color black. I also have found that if the colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel you run the risk of them blending into a yucky muddy color. To avoid this, don't put purple/yellow, red/green, and blue/orange next to each other.

Once the coffee filter is completely colored, spray the filters with water. The coffee filters will absorb the water and will make the colors bleed together. You want to get the filters just wet enough that the colors will begin to bleed but avoid drenching the filters. I also like to place a piece of plastic like a garbage bag or grocery sack underneath while spraying the filter water. This will keep the markers bleeding onto the counter.

Allow for the filters to completely dry. If it is a hot day outside, put the filters in the sun to dry faster. Once dried, peal the two coffee filters apart and you will see that you have two identical filters.

Grab one of the filters and fold into an accordion. Repeat with the second filter. Younger kids will need help folding the coffee filters.

Stack the two filters that are now folded like an accordion on top of each other. Find the center point and wrap a pipe cleaner tightly around and twist.

Fluff the coffee filter wings and mold them to take the shape of Butterfly Wings.

Download your free Butterfly Body Template. Print on 8.5x11 heavy white cardstock paper. Regular printer paper is too flimsy to hold the wings.

8.5x11 Coffee Filter Butterflies
Download PDF • 2.06MB

Choose which butterfly body you want to use and cut it out.

Glue or tape the wings to the back of the Butterfly Body.

Optional Step: Curl the butterfly antennas with a marker. You do this by taking a marker and wrap the pipe cleaner around it. Slide the marker out of the pipe cleaner and repeat on the other side. This will make the antennas curly.

There you have it, an adorable butterfly! My kids LOVED making these. Not only did they have fun creating the butterflies but they also spent hours playing with them. Be sure to check out the other Coffee Filter Crafts for more ideas.

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