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How To Draw A Pig

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How To Draw A Pig

Welcome to another exciting adventure in the world of art! Today we are going to kearn how to draw a pig. Grab your pencils, paper, and imagination as we learn how to draw these adorable farm animals step by step. And that's not all—we'll also discover some fascinating and fun pig facts along the way. So, let's put our creative hats on and get ready for some oink-tastic fun!

How To Draw A Pig Step 1

Start with the Basic Shape To draw a pig, let's begin by sketching a large circle shape in the center of your paper. This will be the pig's body. Pigs come in different sizes and shapes, just like us!

Fun Fact #1 Piglets Galore:

Baby pigs are called piglets, and they are incredibly cute! Did you know that a mother pig can have a litter of up to 12 piglets at once?

how to draw a pig step by step

Add the Snout by drawing an oval shape in the middle of he circle. Add a half circle below the oval for the mouth.

Fun Fact #2 Smell:

Did you know that pigs have an excellent sense of smell? Their snouts help them find food even when it's buried underground!

how to draw a pig step by step

Time for the Nose. Draw two small oval shapes at the end of the snout to create the pig's nose.

Fact #3 Pigs are Omnivores:

Pigs use their snouts to root around in the dirt and find tasty treats. They are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and small insects!

How To Draw a pig directions

Draw two circles about the snout for the eyes. Inside of each eye draw a large and small circle. Fill in the rest black.

Fun Fact #4 Social Butterflies:

Pigs are social creatures and love to be part of a group. They communicate with each other through a range of sounds and enjoy playing and snuggling together.

How to draw a pig steps

Add ears on top of the pig's head. Draw a triangle on both sides and then draw another triangle inside of the larger ones.

Fun Fact#5 Hearing:

Pigs have exceptional hearing, and their cute ears help them catch every sound in their surroundings. Draw two small circles for the eyes and add two dots inside to represent the pupils. Look closely—pigs have expressive and curious eyes!

Steps to drawing a piglet

Now, it's time to give our pig some legs! Draw four short, stubby lines underneath the body to represent the front legs. Draw a curvy line connecting two of lines. Color in the bottom of the legs black to make the hooves.

Fun Fact # 6 Speed:

Pigs are surprisingly fast runners, even with their short legs! Add a curvy line at the back for the tail, and you're almost done!

Steps To Drawing A Pig

Add the final touches by drawing a squiggly line for the tail. To complete your pig drawing, add some color. If you want, you can also add a farmyard background or even some other animal friends to keep your pig company.

More Fun Facts:

Piglets Galore: Baby pigs are called piglets, and they are incredibly cute! Did you know that a mother pig can have a litter of up to 12 piglets at once?

Clever Pigs: Pigs are highly intelligent animals. They can learn tricks, solve puzzles, and even play video games! Some pigs are so smart that they have been trained to assist people with disabilities.

Pigs Come in Different Colors: While we often think of pigs as pink, they can actually come in various colors, including black, white, brown, and even spotted patterns!

Congratulations, budding artists! You've successfully learned how to draw a pig while discovering some fascinating pig facts along the way.


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