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Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher Template

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Completed Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher Template

Embark on an exhilarating adventure through the vast plains of Africa with our newest origami creation – the Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher! Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of the wild as you fold this delightful elephant-themed craft. Along the way, discover fascinating facts about these majestic creatures, such as how they are the largest land animals on Earth and can weigh up to 12,000 pounds!

The Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher is just the beginning of your safari adventure! Joining the elephant are a host of iconic African animals, including the swift gazelle, the mighty lion, the playful hippo, the striped zebra, and the towering giraffe. Together, these creatures epitomize the rich diversity and natural splendor of the African continent, captivating imaginations with every fold.

At Artsy Kids Zone, we adore cootie catchers – they're our go-to craft for igniting creativity and imaginative play! Whether we're crafting penguin cootie catchers, embarking on pirate adventures with our pirate cootie catchers, or venturing into magical realms with unicorn cootie catchers, these paper creations hold a special place in our crafting repertoire.

Completed Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher Template

The simplicity and adaptability of cootie catchers make them perfect for endless exploration, enabling kids to breathe life into their favorite tales and characters, just like our shark cootie catcher does. We delight in witnessing the joy and excitement these creations bring to children as they immerse themselves in origami, storytelling, and interactive play.

Before we delve into the fascinating world of cootie catchers, let's explore some intriguing facts about elephants.

Largest Land Animal: The African elephant holds the title of the largest land animal on Earth. These magnificent creatures can weigh up to 12,000 pounds (5,400 kilograms) and stand as tall as 13 feet (4 meters) at the shoulder.

Completed Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher Template

Remarkable Memory: African elephants are renowned for their exceptional memory, which plays a crucial role in their social interactions and survival. They can remember and recognize other elephants, as well as human faces, even after many years.

Social Bonds: African elephants are highly social animals that form strong bonds within their family groups, known as herds. These herds are typically led by the oldest and most experienced female, called the matriarch, who guides the group in search of food, water, and safety.

Trunk Dexterity: The elephant's trunk is a remarkable adaptation, serving as a multipurpose tool for breathing, smelling, touching, grasping, and making sounds. It contains over 40,000 muscles, providing incredible strength and precision.

Completed Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher Template

Keystone Species: African elephants play a vital role in their ecosystem as a keystone species. Their browsing and grazing habits shape the landscape, creating pathways and clearing vegetation, which in turn provides habitat and resources for numerous other species. Additionally, their dung acts as a source of nutrients for soil and plants, further contributing to the ecosystem's health and biodiversity.

With our minds enriched by these fascinating facts about elephants, it's time to embark on our origami journey with the Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher. Get ready to witness the magic of origami as we breathe life into this charming elephant-themed cootie catcher!

How to cut Origami Elephant

Directions to download your FREE Elephant Cootie Catcher template at the bottom of this post. Print on 8.5x11 white paper. Cut out the pieces.

Pro Tip: Absolutely, precise cutting is key to a successful origami project. It ensures that the template aligns accurately during the folding process, resulting in a cleaner and more polished final product. So, take your time, follow the cut lines carefully, and enjoy the origami journey!

How to fold origami elephant.

Fold the cootie catcher in half both horizontally and unfold. Then fold the cootie catcher vertically and unfold.

How to fold origami elephant.

Flip it over so the printed side is facing down. Take the bottom right corner and fold the point into the center. Repeat step on each corner until all four corners are folded.

How to fold origami elephant.

Flip the cootie catcher again so the printed side is facing down. Take the four corners and fold them into the center again.

How to fold origami elephant.

Fold the cootie catcher in half vertically and undo the fold. Then fold horizontally and unfold.

How to fold origami elephant.

Slip your fingers under the flaps and open the cootie catcher.

How to glue origami elephant.

Glue the top sides together and then the bottom sides together. You will no longer be able to open the cootie catcher if you do this but it will help the puppet stay together for kids to play with.

How to glue origami elephant.

Glue the nose right on top and in between the elephant's eyes.

How to glue origami elephant.

Glue the legs to the bottom of the elephant.

How to glue origami elephant.

Glue the ears to the side of the head.

Example of completed origami elephant.

Hooray! Your Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher is now fully crafted and ready for some exciting fun! Get set to engage in imaginative games or even direct an enthralling puppet show with this delightful creation. And for even more adventure, why not download the elephant's friend, the zebra, to join in the fun? Let your creativity soar as you explore the wild world of origami animals!

How to download Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher:

How to download origami elephant cootie catcher template.

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At Artsy Kids Zone, the crafting journey extends far beyond the savanna! While our collection of safari animal cootie catchers is certainly a hit, there's a whole world of creativity waiting to be explored. Dive into the icy fun of penguin salt paintings or set sail with our pirate-themed crafts, where young buccaneers can craft their own pirate paper bag puppets. For those fascinated by the supernatural, our zombie puppet creations bring a thrilling twist to the crafting table. And for an adventure under the sea, don't miss out on our toothy shark cootie catcher. From frosty Antarctic explorations to swashbuckling pirate adventures and spooky puppet escapades, Artsy Kids Zone has something for every young artist to explore and enjoy!

Completed Origami Elephant Cootie Catcher Template


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