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Unicorn Mask

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What is it with little girls and Unicorns? My daughter has been obsessed with unicorns for several years now. This past year she has been to several unicorn themed birthday parties. Unicorns are the "IT" thing right now! I don't see this changing anytime soon either.

Girl modeling unicorn mask.

This same daughter has a knack for creating huge messes. She is constantly creating and crafting. Just the other day I noticed that she was being quiet...too quiet. That is probably the scariest sound as a parent. So I went about looking for her and I found her in my craft room. She had been busy cutting papers, glueing and painting. There wasn't a spot on any of the tables that wasn't covered with wet paint or glue. I then went into the kitchen and that too was covered with scissors and papers.

To keep this daughter busy and out of trouble, I am constantly making up crafts for her to do. This Unicorn mask is the perfect craft for her. Not only does it make for a fun project but it also prompts hours of make believe. If you like this craft, be sure to check out the other Unicorn Crafts.

Downloading and printing mask.

Download and print mask on 8.5x11 white cardstock paper. The thicker the paper the better.

How to download Unicorn Masks? Sign up to become a member of Artsy Kids Zone to download the Unicorn Masks. The best part is that memberships are FREE! Not only will you gain access to this project but you will also gain access to all of Artsy Kids Zone downloads.

Unicorn Masks are filed under the Summer Page under Freebies.

How to glue elastic band.

Mask can be colored or you can add glitter to it. Once you are finishing decorating it, cut the mask out. Take a piece of elastic cord and measure it around your child's head. Cut it to size and hot glue the tips to the back of the mask.

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Girl wearing finished unicorn mask.


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