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Santa Hand Puppet: DIY Santa Craft for Kids

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Ho, ho, ho! Gather around, little elves, as we dive into the festive world of crafting with our jolly Santa Hand Puppet. In this delightful DIY project, we'll guide you through the merry process of creating a playful Santa puppet that will add a touch of holiday magic to your kids' imaginative play.

Example of two Santa Hand Puppet completed..

As we've danced through previous crafting adventures, from the mischievous antics of our Reindeer Cootie Catchers to the festive cheer of our Gingerbread Scented Play Dough Recipe, each project has been a joyful celebration of creativity.

Now, let's embark on a new journey with the Santa Hand Puppet, where simple materials and a sprinkle of creativity come together to craft a ho-ho-whole lot of holiday fun! So, don your crafting cap, and let's spread some cheer with this jolly DIY Santa craft for kids.

Materials Needed:

  • Santa Puppet Template

  • White cardstock paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Markers or colored pencils

How to download the Santa Hand Puppet Template.

To begin your craft you need to download the Santa Hand Puppet template. This download is available to all members for FREE! You heard me correctly, memberships are free to join for everyone who is 18 years an older! Click on the link to signup and to find the Santa Hand Puppet template.

How to color the Santa Hand Puppet.

Once, you have downloaded the Santa Hand Puppet template, print it on 8.5x11 white cardstock paper and color it in.

Assembling Your Santa Hand Puppet:

How to cut the Hand Puppet.

Step 1: Cut

Using scissors, cut out each of the shapes.

How to fold the Santa Hand Puppet.

Step 3: Fold on the Dotted Line!

Fold on all of the dotted lines. Start with the head by folding the mouth in half. You do this by aligning the glue tabs together and creasing down on the center of the mouth to get the fold. Then fold the the lips and four glue tabs on the dotted line. Last of all, fold all of the glue tabs on the two white strips.

How to glue the Santa Hand Puppet.

Step 4: Glue the Legs, Hat and Arms

Carefully apply glue to the designated areas on the puppet template for the legs, hat, and arms. Align each piece precisely, ensuring a snug fit to bring your Santa Hand Puppet to life. Press down gently and let the magic unfold as the festive character takes shape.

Exercise patience and let the glue work its magic. Allow the puppet to rest undisturbed until the glue dries completely. This step is crucial for ensuring the stability of your Santa Hand Puppet before moving oto the next step.

How to assemble Santa Hand Puppet.

Step 5: Assemble the Santa Hand Puppet

Glue the pieces together to bring your Santa Hand puppet to life. Start by Attaching the brains to the top of the head. Then glue the ears and arms on. Glue the legs to the bottom underneath the torso. Allow for the glue to completely dry before glueing the next pieces together.

Then glue the four glue tabs to the back of the mouth at the "jaw line". Flip it upside down and glue the two paper strips in an arch on the upper and lower part of the jaws. These strips of paper will make it so your hands stay in the puppet and gives you the ability to open and close the hand puppet's mouth.

Girl Playing with completed Santa Hand Puppet

And there you have it, a jolly Santa Hand Puppet ready to spread holiday cheer! This delightful DIY craft not only brings a touch of Santa magic into your home but also invites endless imaginative play. Get ready for storytelling, puppet shows, and a sprinkle of holiday joy as your Santa Hand Puppet becomes a cherished part of your festive celebrations. Wishing you a season filled with laughter, creativity, and the magic of crafting!

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