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Santa's Beard Scissors Practice With FREE Templates

All art projects & crafts require adult supervision. This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy. 

Embark on a skill-building adventure with Santa's Beard Scissors Practice—an enjoyable way for kids to enhance their scissor skills. Witness the delight as children trim Santa's beard, transforming cutting practice into a festive Christmas activity.

Girl practicing cutting with scissors on our Santa's Beard Scissors Practice Template.

Our printable Christmas scissor activities encourage kids to display their cutting prowess in a merry and creative manner. Beyond the pure enjoyment of crafting their Santa, children will get to practice essential fine-motor skills. But before diving into Santa's Beard, let's review some basic safety and techniques for your kids to master.

Learning to use scissors is an exciting milestone for children, fostering creativity and fine motor skills. Alongside this journey, it's crucial to impart safety tips that ensure a positive and secure scissor experience. Upon mastering these techinques it opens up a world of more advanced crafts like the Reindeer Paper Bag Puppet craft that is found right here at Artsy Kid Zone.

Girl properly holding scissors.

Correct Scissor Holding While Walking: Always point the blades downward, close, and parallel to your body. Hold the closed blades securely so they can't open. This ensures safety and minimizes the risk of accidents while navigating around the room.

How to correctly pass Scissors to someone else.

Safe Scissor Passing: It is crucial to close the blades and offer the scissors handle first to the person you are handing them to. This simple yet effective practice prevents accidental cuts and promotes responsible scissor-sharing habits.

Clear Workspace for Focus: Before starting a cutting project, guide children in clearing their workspace. Removing loose papers and clutter ensures a focused and distraction-free environment. A tidy space not only enhances safety but also encourages concentration on the creative task at hand and protects the child from accidently cutting something they shouldn't.

Proper Scissor Holding During Cutting: Use a firm grip with fingers placed in the handles, allowing for controlled and precise movements. It is important to keep the non-cutting hand at a safe distance to prevent accidental injuries. If your kid is having a hard time knowing which way to hold them, consider gluing some eyeballs to the part of the handle that the thumb goes. By creating a face it will give them a visual.

By instilling these fundamental scissor safety tips, you empower children to embrace the joy of cutting and crafting while ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience. With a focus on responsible scissor practices, young learners can confidently navigate their scissor adventures, unlocking a world of creativity and skill development.

Printer printing Santa Scissors Craft.

Step 1: Download and Print the Template 

To begin your craft you need to download the Santa's Beard Template. This download is available for Free at the bottom of the post. After you have downloaded the template, print it on 8.5x11 white paper.

Girl Coloring Santa Scissor Worksheet

Step 2: Color

Once you've printed the template, it's time to unleash the creativity! Use markers, crayons or colored pencils to bring Santa to life. Your child is the artist, so let their imagination run wild!

Girl Cutting Santa's Beard.

Step 3: Cut

Cut along the bold lines located at the bottom of the page, gently halting at the circle. Initiate the cutting process with the straightforward lines, gradually progressing towards the more intricate zigzagged and curvy lines. This step-by-step approach not only hones their scissor skills but also builds their confidence as they navigate varying levels of difficulty. Encourage a sense of accomplishment with each successfully mastered cut, fostering a positive and empowering learning experience.

How to curl beard.

Optional Step: Curl The Beard

Following the completion of the cutting process, gently wrap each strand of the beard around a marker to create charming curls.

Completed Santa's Beard Scissors Practice.

As your skills progress so do the templates get harder. Each template is designed to strengthen you cutting abilities and fine motor skills. This will help your child with art projects like Santa's Coffee Filter Beard or the Christmas Stocking Craft.

adventures, unlocking a world of creativity and skill development.

How to download the Santa Scissors Craft.

How to Download Template

To begin your craft you need to download the Santa's Beard Template. This download is available to all members for FREE! You heard me correctly, memberships are free to join for everyone who is 18 years an older! Click on the link to signup and to find the FREE Template.

Don't miss out on the festive fun! Explore a world of creative possibilities with our other festive kids' art projects. Whether you're crafting delightful Christmas Paper Bag Puppets or cooking up some Reindeer Scotcheroos, each project is a gateway to imaginative joy and shared creativity. Discover the magic in every stroke of a paintbrush or the careful folding of paper. Our collection is brimming with delightful surprises, offering a variety of crafting experiences that cater to different interests and age groups. So, why stop here? Embark on a creative journey with your little elves and unlock the door to more artistic adventures. Your next masterpiece awaits!


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