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How To Make A Snowflake: A Coffee Filter Snowflake Craft for Kids

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Dean Martin's classic tune, "Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!" keeps playing in my head. The temperatures are freezing where I live, but there's one problem... No Snow!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes examples

Cold temperatures are fun when there's snow on the ground. But without the snow, it's hard to get motivated to get outside and play. Since Mother Nature isn't providing snow, I decided it was time to create some winter magic inside my home for my kids with my tutorial on "How To Make A Snowflake: A Coffee Filter Snowflake Craft for Kids."

I didn't want to make any old boring snowflake but wanted to add a creative twist - Tye Dye Coffee Filter Snowflakes. This easy and fun craft is perfect for adding a touch of seasonal charm to your home that your kids will LOVE. Follow these simple steps to create vibrant and unique snowflakes that capture the magic of winter:

Materials Needed:

  • Coffee filters

  • Pastel Watercolor Markers

  • Spray Bottle Filled With Water

  • Scissors

How To Make A Snowflake: A Coffee Filter Snowflake Craft for Kids

How to color in coffee filter.

Step 1: Color the Coffee Filter with Watercolor Markers

Place paper under the coffee filter to prevent colors bleeding onto your table. Let the kids color in the coffee filters. For a winter color scheme, I recommend primarily using light blues and purples with maybe some hints of pinks and greens. Although this will give it more of a winter look, let your kids explore and experiment. It is a significant part of their creative development.

How to spray with water.

Step 2: Spray with Water

Gently spray with water and watch as the colors spread and blend, creating a tie-dye effect. The key here is to spray just enough water that it becomes moist without creating puddles and a huge mess.

Step 3: Dry with Care

Once everything is wet and colors have blended, let the coffee filters dry completely. This may take an hour, depending on the saturation of the water. Want it to dry in seconds? I help my kids by taking my blow dryer and holding the wet coffee filters in front of it.

How to correctly fold snowflake for cutting.

Step 4: Cut into Snowflakes

Fold the dried coffee filter in half, then into quarters, and finally into eighths. Cut small shapes along the edges, similar to how you would cut a paper snowflake. Here are some examples of shapes you can cut and how it will look once you unfold it.

Snowflake Cutting Patterns

Snowflake Cutting Patterns

Step 5: Display & Enjoy the Winter Magic

My kids wanted to tape these snowflakes on their bedroom window and something magical happened. The morning light hits their window and creates shadows of snowflakes on the floor in their room. They absolutely love it! This craft is a fantastic way to bring the beauty of winter indoors while engaging in a fun and artistic activity. Enjoy the season's enchantment one snowflake at a time!

Snowflakes hanging on window.

Coffee filters, often overlooked in the realm of art supplies, emerge as unsung heroes in the world of kids' crafts. These unassuming circles, with their porous texture, transform into a versatile canvas for creativity. Whether it's absorbing vibrant watercolor hues to craft tie-dye wonders, forming delicate butterfly wings, or folding into intricate shapes for snowflake masterpieces, coffee filters are a treasure trove for imaginative projects.

Their adaptability and affordability make them a staple in any household's craft arsenal, sparking endless possibilities for kids to explore, experiment, and bring their artistic visions to life. From simple coloring exercises to elaborate crafting adventures, coffee filters prove that sometimes the most ordinary materials can inspire extraordinary creativity in young minds.


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