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Penguin Puppet: Animal Paper Bag Puppets Templates

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printable paper bag penguin puppet

Winter crafting just got a whole lot more exciting with our latest project – Penguin Puppet: Animal Paper Bag Puppets Templates! In this step-by-step guide, we'll take you on a journey of creativity and fun, transforming a simple paper bag into an adorable penguin puppet. It's a fantastic craft that combines artistry and play, providing endless entertainment for your little ones.

Before we begin the craft let's first learn some fascinating facts about penguins that showcase their quirky and endearing nature.

Penguin Paper Bag Puppet Craft for Kids.

Dapper Dressers: Penguins are known for their distinct black and white "tuxedo" appearance, making them look like the most formally dressed birds in the animal kingdom. But did you know that these stylish birds go through a molting phase where they shed their old feathers and may look a bit scruffy? It's their version of a wardrobe change!

Waddle Masters: Penguins might not be the fastest walkers, but they sure know how to waddle in style. With their short legs and upright posture, penguins have a comical and endearing way of moving that adds to their charm. It's like they're doing a perpetual dance that keeps us smiling!

Fluffy Chick Magnet: Baby penguins, also known as chicks, are incredibly cute and fluffy. Penguins are devoted parents, taking turns caring for their chicks and keeping them warm. The sight of these fluffy youngsters is guaranteed to melt hearts and generate plenty of "awws.

Completed Animal Paper Bag Puppets Templates

Underwater Acrobats: While penguins might appear a bit clumsy on land, they transform into graceful underwater acrobats. Penguins are exceptional swimmers, gliding through the water with ease, using their wings as flippers. Some species can even reach impressive speeds, making them the Olympians of the ocean!

Whether they're dressed to impress, waddling on land, or showing off their underwater moves, penguins continue to capture our hearts with their playful antics. It's no wonder that these adorable birds are the inspiration behind several crafts here at Artsy Kids Zone.

Without further ado, it is time to gather your crafting supplies and let's dive into the world of puppetry with our free templates and easy-to-follow instructions.

How To Make The Penguin Puppet: Animal Paper Bag Puppets Templates

Materials You'll Need

  1. FREE Printable Penguin Paper Bag Puppet Template (available for download)

  2. Markers, colored pencils, or crayons

  3. Scissors

  4. Glue

  5. A paper lunch bag

How to color the penguin paper bag puppet.

Step 1: Print and Color Your Penguin Paper Bag Puppet

Start by downloading our Penguin Paper Bag Puppet template and print on 8.5x11 white paper.. Once printed, it's time to unleash your creativity! Let your child color the penguins with markers, crayons or colored pencils. They can add details like rosy cheeks or anything else they can think of.

How to cut the penguin paper puppet template.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Penguin Paper Bag Puppets

Carefully cut along the outlines of your colored penguin paper bag puppet. Take your time to make clean and precise cuts,.

Example of how to glue the penguin paper bag puppet.

Step 3: Assemble & Glue Your Penguin Paper Bag Puppet

Place your paper bag with the flap facing you. The flap will be your puppet's mouth. Now, grab your cut-out penguin body and glue it to the bag below the flap.

Example of how to glue the penguin paper bag puppet.

Then glue the head to the top of the flat.

Step 4: Command Your Puppet's Adventure

Once the glue has dried, your Penguin Puppet is ready for action! Slide your hand into the paper bag opening, and let the puppetry begin. Encourage imaginative play, storytelling, and even puppet shows with other paper bag puppets. The possibilities are endless!

How to download the Penguin Paper Bag Puppet.

How do I download the Penguin Paper Bag Puppet Template?

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