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How To Draw A Candy Corn Mummy

All art projects & crafts require adult supervision. This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to draw a Candy Corn Mummy. These directions are great for kids who are in Elementary School. Not only have I included step by step directions with pictures but I have also created a video to show you how to do it.

Example of the candy corn mummy

Before we start drawing let's learn about Mummies! A mummy is a dead body that is preserved by some type of chemical or with natural ingredients. The bodies are then wrapped in scraps of cloths. This process is referred to as mummification. In ancient Egypt, they believed in life after death and mummification was the way to prepare the body for the afterlife.

Mummies also make for great Halloween costumes and art projects! Be sure to check out other Mummy Halloween crafts on Artsy Kids Zone...

Let's get creative by turning a Candy Corn into a Mummy.

Draw an upside down "V"

Step 1: Draw an upside down "V" and round off the corner.

How to turn the "V" into a triangle.

Step 2: Draw a line on the bottom to turn the upside down "V" into a triangle. Round off the corners.

Draw Two Circles in the middle for the eyes

Step 3: Draw the eyes by drawing two circles in the middle of the triangle.

Draw two smaller circles within each circle

Step 4: Draw two circles on opposite sides of each circle. These smaller circles will be the highlights in the eyes.

Fill it in with black ink.

Step 5: Fill in with black the larger circle while leaving the smaller inner circles whie.

Draw an oval for the mouth and color it in black.

Step 6: Draw and oval between the two eyes and slightly below it. Color it in with black.

Step 7: It is now time to draw the mummy's wrap. To draw the first wrap, draw two lines going at an angle and perpendicular to each other below the mouth. Continue adding more wraps by drawing two perpendicular lines going different directions. Make sure that none of the lines cross through each other. Simple pick up your pencil and continue the lines on the other side.

add detail to the wraps

Step 8: Add details to the wraps. Draw little short lines at the ends of each of the wraps.

Example of how to color it in.

Step 9: Color the Mummy Candy Corn. Color the bottom third yellow and the middle third orange. Be careful to not color in the wrapping. Using a light gray add some shadows to the mummy's wrap.


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